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Cre8tive corner is one of the finest institution run by passionate people like Mr. Muniaraj and Mrs. Nithya whose agenda for this set up is nothing but enlighten the minds of younger generations and have them equipped with every skill possible.
Starting from logical abilities via Abacus, Cultural knowledge through dance classes, importance of fitness via Zumba, Solace in music through Keyboard and Guitar and beauty of drawing and painting are instilled to children which gives them a better perspective. We have appointed highly proficient staff with a great expertise in their branch of study.

Students learn better when they view the learning environment as positive. Hence, we provide our students with well – furnished and A/C classrooms and also closely monitor the activities of our students through CCTV Surveillance. We believe that skills stand value only when portrayed to the masses. Hence we organize events and take part in competitions where we give a beautiful platform for children to showcase what they hold.

An Arena to unravel incredible learning
– Cre8tive corner.

All Courses


Abacus is a centuries-old math tool and is being used in various parts of the world. Along with a successful tie up with IMA, we educate kids through various levels of abacus, starting from the fundamental level followed by 10 other levels.

The syllabus is framed in such way that students solve the most complicated calculations even faster than a calculator. The classes will be provided for 2 days in a week. We certify every student with an ISO certificate by the end of the course and also students will be taken to the National Level Competition once in every year.

Drawing class

Drawing is considered to be a major classification of visual arts. Through this course, with the help of Pencil Park School of Arts we have come up with various training methods taking the kids from basic to the advance levels of sketching.

Children will be introduced into a colourful cousre in the process of developing creative-thinking. The classes will be conducted for 2 days in a week. We also provide the kids with Trademark certificates as an appreciation of their learning.

Handwriting class

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “A bad handwriting should be regarded as a sign of imperfect education. Handwriting is an integral part of academic skills.
Cre8tive Corner provides this three – month course for the benefit of children to improve their writing. Classes will be scheduled according to their individual pace. Additional classes will be provided depending on the progress of the individual. By the end of the course, a certificate of completion will be provided to the students.

Classical dance

Bharathanatyam is a major form of classical dance, prominently found in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is the oldest classical dance tradition of India with a combination of spectacular footwork and gestures.

We train the students in the Vazhuvoor Ramaiya Pillai style of Bharatanatyam, introduced by Vazhuvoor B. Ramiah Pillai and his ancestors. This course includes practical and theoretical coaching with 8 levels of certified examination and also includes various events, programmes and outdoor shoots.

Western dance

Western dance is a style typically associated with the western traditions. It is a combination of various styles of dancing which includes Bollywood, Cinematic, Rock and Roll, Tap dancing, Western, Beat Kills and Lyrical.

This course is offered to individuals of all age groups and involves a fun-filled learning process to tap to the rhythm. The students during the course will be engaged in various Workshops, Events, Outdoor dancing and will be certified according to their progress.

Zumba class

Zumba is a total-body cardio and aerobic workout clubbed with dance. It is one of the most versatile fitness workouts, as classes can be geared for any fitness level.

We provide this course through a well trained guide to kids and also adults with an energizing routine. Classes will be provided for 2 days in a week.

Keyboard & Guitar class

Music gives flight to the imagination and instruments are used to produce musical sounds. One such magical instrument is Keyboard.

Guitar is an instrument which holds taut and vibrating strings and has always been important blues to music. It is considered as the best form of self-expression.

We offer this course in the interest of providing our students with theory and practical training to explore their passion towards music. The classes will be conducted 2 days in a week. Students will also be trained to attend the certified examinations conducted by Trinity College of Music.

Hindi class

Hindi is the most commonly spoken language in Northern India. Academic Institutions have included Hindi as a part of their curriculum as any language must be learnt to the fullest understanding.
We, at Cre8tive Corner provide this language course right from the foundation to the advanced levels. Classes will be held 3 days in a week. Students are trained for exams conducted by Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha through 9 levels.

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